© RSC Dr. G.Winkler 2013. content and text layout: G. Winkler +49(0)179 9098739  Online since: 2013-01-08 / last revised: 2015-03-22 Your task is to explore the physical condition of hundreds of entities in our environment (buildings, animals, trees, traffic lines etc.)? Whatever you need to count, examine, report on, evaluate or monitor out in the vastness of our landscapes - we will capture it and bring it home to your office! Geocoded. Anytime, anywhere. Aerial Photography & Monitoring Standardized Aerial Survey & Monitoring on workgroup level at affordable rates for any topic imagineable (’Landscape Microscopy’). Airborne remote sensing is all about data availability, project cost and data usability. Keeping it simple and yet precise is our dedication. We offer you our expertise & services for the most balanced approach. Our mission: You require to explore cost-efficient technical approaches for increasingly complex problems, based on your own definitions of ‘performance’? Profit from our experience and our international network of professionals regarding sensors, surveying tools and methods, aircraft, systems engineering and platform deployment. Consultancy Digital Photo- grammetry, perfectly inline with today’s needs for direct GIS integration, on a variety of alternative sensors and flying platforms. Explore high-performance systems, components and innovative processing methods! When it comes to precision, ask the experts. Aerial Survey