About us and our philosophy © RSC Dr. G.Winkler 2013. Content and text layout: G. Winkler +49(0)179 9098739  Online since: 2013-01-08 / last revised: 2015-03-22 [created with MAGIX] Aircraft offer unbeatable flexibilty as sensor carrying platforms over larger areas - especially when used under rapidly changing environmental conditions. If they come in eco-friendly setups (regarding noise, fuel consumption, operational cost, endurance, speeds, system performance envelopes), they truly may be adressed as ‘landscape microscopes’ - perfectly suitable for local and regional monitoring tasks. After almost 20 years of studying and analyzing Dr. Winkler still believes this flexibilty hasn’t been widely explored yet and still await their translation into ultimately sustainable business models. In 1994, not long after his military flight training, Dr. Winkler entered university classes in remote sensing, in order to get business-ready as quickly as possible in airborne remote sensing technology and (digital) processing chains. He never deviated too much from his original perception of aircraft as a tool of first choice for ‘listening to the pulse of the planet.’ Subconsequently, RSC is actively encourageing customers to ask the most decisive question of all: ‘When do we go where in order to find out about the current condition(s) of our research subject(s) within our available budget?” RSC services and business activities are systematically defined and arranged around this starting point - all of them. RSC prefers to talk on an eye-to-eye-level to any client, no matter if they are experienced with remote sensing or not. RSC is promoting a user-centered approach; with a much stronger focus on fragmented and unique user interests. RSC regards itself as a business catalyst to let you explore your environment based on your own concepts. Our specialty is to extract information from our environment by means of digital imagery captured with any camera brand or model, any time a year, any time a day on any flying platform available, anywhere you need a ‘landscape recording device’ - handheld or strapped down. Our more ‘vertical’ approach (in regard of todays’s hard- & software industries) works best when aiming for single point features, line features or medium sized areas. Between 1 single object, like a house on the ground, and a full scenery comprising a few thousand square kilometers RSC assists the customer to capture and translate measured data into structured information according to the client’s compatibility needs. On exceptional conditions, depending on requirements, areas of up to several hundred thousand square kilometers are imagineable with those alternative platforms. It all depends on scale, resolution and how the information needs to be used after it has been created. If in doubt about your project, ask us for an expert opinion. Picking up the information that is really needed NOW is a perfectly legimate approach. This reflects market-driven, dynamic ‘vertical’ bottom-up-thinking versus following the beaten tracks and create just another competitive service by copying field-proven solutions. RSC is adressing this dynamic approach as ‘Landscape microscopy’. It encompases oblique and vertical methods, works with a broad variety of sensors and aircraft types and is tailored to long- term airborne remote sensing on workgroup level. Therefore, one of RSC’s main goals is to propagate an increased awareness of rather modern definitions of ‘price-/performance’ ratios within the primary data gahtering communities. All RSC services shall be driven by o true demand, o arrangement of currently available components (off-the-shelf or innovative), o the wish to serve clients up to individual interest level regarding the survey flight & architecture of data sets, o the requirement for data usabilty, GIS & IT compatibility for regular, unspecific office environments, o the long-term vision of a 100% independent, international operational airborne remote sensing service with the character of an acknowledged and politically accepted ‘task force’. Dr. Winkler is promising with all his heart and his best professional knowledge to assist you and your aerial monitoring or surveying effort in a sustainable way, keeping your organisation’s needs satisfied or even surpass them. This is our vision. Check also Dr. Winkler’s online CVs on LinkedIn (2013/01/08) or Xing (2013/01/08)!   Aerial Monitoring as a commercial activity has many unique features and provides countless challenges.  We deal with all of them. In a decentralised network. Platform & technology independent. For every budget. Our motto: ‘Fly like aerial archeologists, report like surveyors!’ RSC - serving our environment by empowering the individual.